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Дан Маркович родился 9 октября 1940 года в Таллине. По первой специальности — биохимик, энзимолог. С середины 70-х годов - художник, автор нескольких сот картин, множества рисунков. Около 20 персональных выставок живописи, графики и фотонатюрмортов. Активно работает в Интернете, создатель (в 1997 г.) литературно-художественного альманаха “Перископ” . Писать прозу начал в 80-е годы. Автор четырех сборников коротких рассказов, эссе, миниатюр (“Здравствуй, муха!”, 1991; “Мамзер”, 1994; “Махнуть хвостом!”, 2008; “Кукисы”, 2010), 11 повестей (“ЛЧК”, “Перебежчик”, “Ант”, “Паоло и Рем”, “Остров”, “Жасмин”, “Белый карлик”, “Предчувствие беды”, “Последний дом”, “Следы у моря”, “Немо”), романа “Vis vitalis”, автобиографического исследования “Монолог о пути”. Лауреат нескольких литературных конкурсов, номинант "Русского Букера 2007". Печатался в журналах "Новый мир", “Нева”, “Крещатик”, “Наша улица” и других. ...................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................................... Dan Markovich was born on the 9th of October 1940, in Tallinn. For many years his occupation was research in biochemistry, the enzyme studies. Since the middle of the 1970ies he turned to painting, and by now is the author of several hundreds of paintings, and a great number of drawings. He had about 20 solo exhibitions, displaying his paintings, drawings, and photo still-lifes. He is an active web-user, and in 1997 started his “Literature and Arts Almanac Periscope”. In the 1980ies he began to write. He has four books of short stories, essays and miniature sketches (“Hello, Fly!” 1991; “Mamzer” 1994; “By the Sweep of the Tail!” 2008; “The Cookies Book” 2010), he wrote eleven short novels (“LBC”, “The Turncoat”, “Ant”, “Paolo and Rem”, “White Dwarf”, “The Island”, “Jasmine”, “The Last Home”, “Footprints on the Seashore”, “Nemo”), one novel “Vis Vitalis”, and an autobiographical study “The Monologue”. He won several literary awards. Some of his works were published by literary magazines “Novy Mir”, “Neva”, “Kreshchatyk”, “Our Street”, and others.

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  1. Congratulations again. Very shortly before I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things that I noticed and found weird was that my nipples were darker. I thought I was weird for that to have happened to me so early on in pregnancy. Glad I'm not alone!I hope that the second trimester brings relief of morning sickness and more energy — a lot of people say it does (unfortunately I was not one of those lucky people to catch the second tri break..booo)!

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  5. Jamey,You make a good point. If/when I go Orthodox, that’s something I want to avoid. When I became Presbyterian I became theonomic (I’ve read more Rushdoony and North than have…well, you get the idea). And while the Reformed critics of theonomy have major issues, I had to realize that I had major issues as well.I don’t want to repeat that.

  6. Avec Le Monde c’est comme d’habitude le Front de Gauche est d’extrême gauche.Et la proximité entre le Front de Gauche et la CGT serait un singulier retour en arrière.Par contre lorsque l’ancien numéro 2 de la CFDT lance un réseau de soutien à François Hollande cela s’appelle comment? Un acte courageux de modernité sans doute.

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  8. é isso Ricardo, a outra questão é saber se queremos ter a bola ou se vamos resumir-nos às transições, se isso fôr assim dificilmente teremos hipóteses.Eu até acho que seria positivo o Ronaldo fugir da ala e deixá-la para o coentrão, pois na ala Ronaldo só pode passar ao meio em Almeida ou atrás no Coentrão, rnuanto se derivar para o meio, pode combinar à direita com Nani, à frente com Almeida, à esquerda com Coentrão e atrás com Moutinho e Meireles, dificultando a marcação dos espanhóis — o Ribery encostado à linha frequentemente tinha 3 espanhóis no encalço

  9. on their website they studied for an M.A in Swansea. Or perhaps the devils in the detail (he studied for an M.A) as he doesn’t put that after his name I guess we can take it he didn’t get one then. Well, figures.

  10. Chuck wrote:“Ohio has a clause in their state constitution which allows a person the freedom to do what they want, even if it is dangerous and could threaten their safety or well-being. That clause is how they got rid of the law they once had mandating motorcycle helmets. That is the approach I support.”I agree with that, so long as such a person, having had an accident, doesn’t try to sue the government or someone else on the basis that they shouldn’t have been allowed to ride without a helmet.  Miles_Teg

  11. It’s wild up in here! Seriously though— the cave dwellers try to stay relevant by «any means necessary’ including invoking Brother Malcolm. Their mistake is not understanding the black psyche as far as out «annointed» heroes (Malcolm/Martin). Using their name in vain is blasphemous in the black community.

  12. Como se já não bastassem as patéticas "conversas em família" do personagem, agora também em livro… Enfim, tanto papel e tinta mal gastos, ainda por cima com capa dura, "dustcover" e tudo!… A quantidade de lixo que se edita em Portugal nunca cessa de me espantar.

  13. Where is the beautifully simple idea? Where is the humour?What is the point?Gorilla, led you in, intrigued you and surprised you with great humour, and was wonderfully mashable and spreadable, giving it an extended life beyond the Phil Collins track. Can you see the audience remixing this? Will someone hurry up and remix it with BOB THE BUILDER music please? I might laugh then…

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  15. Merci pour ton commentaire constructif l’ami. « Un tuto qui développe pour ne rien dire » ? Je pense que tu as dû le lire en diagonale, nous expliquions peu après la sortie des deux jeux leurs différents points forts/faibles afin d’aider les joueurs dans leur choix (si choix il y a à faire). Après c’est vrai que si tu as déjà joué au deux titres, ce comparatif ne te sera pas d’une grande aide mais pense un peu aux autres

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  17. CaseyObama needs to legalize Marijuana bacause for one, Everyday there are alot of people who go are getting into alot of trouble just for using, not for intent to sell. Do you know how much income the economy would make? This state needs this!

  18. Todd – your last post went into my spam filter and didn’t post to the site until I approved it. If you see this and your message doesn’t post tomorrow, i’ll have to look into it more.

  19. Love these, so much fun, it amazes me to see three photographers at the same shoot and all with different looks and thoughts and angles and i love all of them. So much fun, we need to do it again

  20. When a therapist takes such a long vacation, it’s typical to have someone on call. I understand what you say about not feeling able to contact another therapist, but it sounds as if you really need to do that. Eight weeks is an awfully long time when you’re so attached. I’ll bet that his voice mail or answering service message has the name of someone on call — why not give that person a try?

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  23. I'm indifferent. Both covers are okay. I like artwork on covers so plain people are just like whatever. They're cool though, and I'm sure they fit the story line so either works for me. Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  24. Religion is boring. And clergy are only important in pre-industrial countries and societies within advanced countries that are socially and economically retarded (i.e. ghettos and the Deep South). Where would you rather live-advanced and secular Vermont or religious and “diverse” Alabama?

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  26. Chris – you must be in the dog house, that is the only logical explanation for such an insane idea. Mothers have Mother’s Day and of course, it comes before our day, it gets more attention than our Day and it probably should. But, isn’t it fair that we get a day to recognize all of our hard work in creating our wonderful children? To watch Tiger win another major while our sweet wife fumbles with the grill? Priceless stuff…In any case, nice sentiment, but not for me. Hope you’re out of the dog house…

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  28. hi there,i'm a random reader who have been following your blog for a while. just wanted to say i enjoy reading your entries & appreciate your frank but down-to-earth take on the issues around you.i have always been an animal lover, but never really knew much about PETA until i read this post. thanks for spreading this message to your readers, i'm with you in this cause! :)deb

  29. — "Possibly depends on if they actually spend time with outsiders in a way that brings them into conflict?"people from other clans/tribes often are (genetic) outsiders — for example, see second druze chart .

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  33. Wow, wirklich wunderschöne Fotos. Auch wenn ich das Outfit so vermutlich nicht tragen würde, steht es dir ganz wunderbar. & ich liebe deinen Pony – der bringt dein Gesicht zur Geltung & das kann sich wirklich mehr als sehen lassen Vielen Dank auch für deinen lieben Kommentar. Ich hab mich sehr gefreut, weil die Söckchen ein totaler Spontankauf waren & das ganze ein kleines Experiment mit den Boots ♥

  34. Bravo, Steve. There’s a reason that Alfred Nobel didn’t put a social science award in his will. Beyond the basic concepts of micro and macro, economics is largely a rationalization of politics. Unlike science, it has little predictive power and is rarely falsifiable. Want proof: Look at our current Fed Chair. A reputable academic who made his name studying the Great Depression. If anyone can keep it from repeating it’s him, right? Well, we’ll see.

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  38. Well, I think we need to look at both sides of this argument. As persuasive as this is, his speeches were all about taking back government control and ensuring that protests wouldn’t happen as much. As much as he «gave» us, we also have to think about we had to give back for those things to happen.

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  40. I missed the comment section on the rafflecopter, but I'd like to win this for our whole family—we've seen all the other Harry Potter's in the theatre and missed this one while it was playing. We'd love to see it. Thanks!. (Mary v)

  41. Pouic : Peu probable déformation de Poitou, (en référence à la difficulté de certains provinciaux pour se faire comprendre à Paris); plus probablement onomatopée, comme pouah, autrefois pouac (Le Robert Historique) et couic.. H.R., j’ai exactement le même problème avec odradek, comme c’est curieux !

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  45. wish i had a site like this lol please do the right human moral thing and spread the truth… 9/11 was an inside job sorry if that pops anyones propaganda bubble but you have been fooled big time.. the war on terror is a big LIE!!!!!!! please get the word out. if this site isn’t BANNED in your country then you’ll find tons of articles for events/topics western media REFUSES to cover and in fact covers up… my home country (america) = evil nazi hi-tech empire

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  54. Jon dit :C’est n’importe quoi ce commentaire ! Avez-vous lu l’article ??? Il s’agissait de manifester contre le rapprochement de l’Eglise ORTHODOXE et de l’Etat russe. Vous êtes totalement hors-sujet …

  55. Haha! I know right? Everyone is always so friendly in Simverse(at least for the most part!). I wonder what would happen if they were dropped HERE! Cool! Yeah, I finally got the hang of it. Somewhat. I’m still stumped doing some things but for the most part I have fun finding themes!Thanks Trystan!

  56. «Pelastaa» Afrikkalaisten alhaisen älykkyyosamäärän takia he eivät saa mitään aikaiseksi, tuhoavat yhteiskuntansa ja tekevät siitä afrikkalaisen yhteiskunnan, joka on yhtä katastrofia. Sitä ei kehitysavulla, mikrolainoilla tai millään pystytä pysäyttämään. Miksi Ellilä nyt sen unohti? Kieltämättä aika hassua, että kyllä afrikkalaisia autetaan, muttei kiinalaisia…

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