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В том смысле, что есть попытки решить одну задачу, возможно, в ущерб всему остальному. Enjoy если можете 🙂







Автор: DM

Дан Маркович родился 9 октября 1940 года в Таллине. По первой специальности — биохимик, энзимолог. С середины 70-х годов - художник, автор нескольких сот картин, множества рисунков. Около 20 персональных выставок живописи, графики и фотонатюрмортов. Активно работает в Интернете, создатель (в 1997 г.) литературно-художественного альманаха “Перископ” . Писать прозу начал в 80-е годы. Автор четырех сборников коротких рассказов, эссе, миниатюр (“Здравствуй, муха!”, 1991; “Мамзер”, 1994; “Махнуть хвостом!”, 2008; “Кукисы”, 2010), 11 повестей (“ЛЧК”, “Перебежчик”, “Ант”, “Паоло и Рем”, “Остров”, “Жасмин”, “Белый карлик”, “Предчувствие беды”, “Последний дом”, “Следы у моря”, “Немо”), романа “Vis vitalis”, автобиографического исследования “Монолог о пути”. Лауреат нескольких литературных конкурсов, номинант "Русского Букера 2007". Печатался в журналах "Новый мир", “Нева”, “Крещатик”, “Наша улица” и других. ...................................................................................... .......................................................................................................................................... Dan Markovich was born on the 9th of October 1940, in Tallinn. For many years his occupation was research in biochemistry, the enzyme studies. Since the middle of the 1970ies he turned to painting, and by now is the author of several hundreds of paintings, and a great number of drawings. He had about 20 solo exhibitions, displaying his paintings, drawings, and photo still-lifes. He is an active web-user, and in 1997 started his “Literature and Arts Almanac Periscope”. In the 1980ies he began to write. He has four books of short stories, essays and miniature sketches (“Hello, Fly!” 1991; “Mamzer” 1994; “By the Sweep of the Tail!” 2008; “The Cookies Book” 2010), he wrote eleven short novels (“LBC”, “The Turncoat”, “Ant”, “Paolo and Rem”, “White Dwarf”, “The Island”, “Jasmine”, “The Last Home”, “Footprints on the Seashore”, “Nemo”), one novel “Vis Vitalis”, and an autobiographical study “The Monologue”. He won several literary awards. Some of his works were published by literary magazines “Novy Mir”, “Neva”, “Kreshchatyk”, “Our Street”, and others.

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  4. I still think the polls are meaningless until they restrict their sample to those holding PC Alberta memberships. As has been frequently pointed out (even though the polling companies haven’t grasped this yet), this isn’t a general election — only paid up party members can vote. Ergo, how a non-member would vote is pointless.

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  17. — I actually like this picture… it’s not nec. correct, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s your artistic creativity at work! I just have one question? Who the frak paints an entire room orange? Were they trying to torture their patients!? On a side note, does anyone know where the closest abandoned Asylum is from Montana?

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  30. I'm so glad someone not only relates to the “group situations” fear, but can actually offer validation! These things really do come up! Well, I guess more so if you're a teacher than if you're a writer working from home in a tank top and sweats. But still, there are tyrants out there who take pleasure in making big groups of people all wear something they couldn't possibly own. Thank you.

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  32. Auf dem Lande habe ich noch nichts länger gesehen als 20 Uhr bei Lidl. Dafür aber bei Rewe, Netto und Kaisers. Lidl wird sich wohl mittelfristig auf das gesellschaftliche Einkaufsverhalten, was sich vermutlich verschiebt, einstellen.

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  34. Best friend got married last year and NEVER told me what he wanted to do for a bachelor party. I even asked him more than a few times – strip club? dinner? – and I kept getting ‘eh, whatever’. We ended up going to a downtown restaurant, getting sloshed and seeing Fast Five. While I’m not a strip club guy, I don’t mind going if it’s a buddy’s bachelor party. But dammit, GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. God, even writing about it now gets me mad.

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  36. I concur with “gaydar”. We say the word “look” but I think what most people mean is “vibe.” We get a vibe off a person, which is something more primitive and instinctual than fashion and such.I think we forget that we’re also animals, that we give off scents and heat. Even more importantly, we can pick up on that. It’s like smelling desperation or denial coming off someone else in waves. They may look successful and well-adjusted, but something about them just gives off a vibe.

  37. Your daughter did an excellent job with those cupcakes…so cute and fun! We enjoyed our 4th, had a bbq at my brothers.P.S. Sorry I haven't been doing well at commenting for awhile…I am reading though!

  38. Sinceramente, não custa nada você preservar o bom português, a nossa sagrada gramática, para expressar a sua opinião. Ainda mais sendo educadora, logo, um exemplo. É até difícil entender a sua linha de raciocínio… Se você pudesse escrever tudo isso novamente, mas de maneira mais clara, ficaria grata, pois tenho interesse na sua opinião.

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  42. It just arrived so I have no comments on its utility or durability. But before I forget, I want to post the actual dimensions. That would have helped me a LOT if anyone – including the manufacturer – had bothered to do so. This is a 12″ pan measured across the top. It is a 6.25″ pan measured across the flat bottom. The sides curve up from there, to a height of 3.25″. The handle is 7.5″ long, with 4.5″ of that insulated.

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  46. I agree, Syracuse #2. I know you can’t count Pitt out, but they are somewhere between 5-7 right now. Even if Cornell beat Kansas the other night, they wouldn’t belong in the top 25…

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  48. . It is very interesting the attitude differences between Sooners that did and did not attend the school. I actually do respect the fans that attended the school and can have intelligent conversations with them.

  49. The IRS can tell you what the Private Sector Pension average is by State. Get the NJ figure and apply it to the Public Sector. Problem solved. After all avoiding indentured servitude is also “for the children”.

  50. … You know, AB, speaking of your flawless skin…if you were to paint little yellow dots all over your face, you'd look just like one of my turds after I've eaten corn on the cob.4:59 PM"Hey now! No way I look that bad! I'm sure I smell better, too.

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  57. Ah! Extraordinário! Afinal o que pretende é que não seja censurada a política e a ofensiva brutal contra os portugueses e contra o interesse nacional. Só quer mudança de moscas, está-se marimbando que a merda continue. É isso mesmo que o PSD quer, certo? Bem me parecia…

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